About Serenade Project

We are what we think. Everything we are arises from our thoughts. With our thoughts we shape the world.

Dietmar Steinhauer

Keyboard & Piano Player - Composer and Producer

About Dietmar

After more than 40 years of creative work as a piano & keyboard player,
composer, producer and music teacher, Dietmar now wants to present a part of all these experiences, inspiration and beautiful music in the Serenade project.

Klaus Thomas

Guitar Player, Film- & Photographer & Writer

About Klaus

Klaus began more than 40 years ago with his creative work in the music scene,
as guitarist, concert organizer and DJ.
Photography and film have now come to the scene and find their new effect in the Serenade Project.

Word of the Producer

Hello, nice to see you here. The Serenade Project is our site where we can live our creativity without any commercial considerations. We are active in the areas of music production, label and publishing, photography and video production, and for almost 10 years also in my Online School

We have now more than 15 Million Clicks on YouTube!

The online piano school was at the same time also my entry into YouTube and I have here from the beginning published my sheet music, which is actually only a building block of my online school.
We learn to listen and arrange well-known and my own songs.
The result is the sheet music you can play anywhere on my YouTube Channel.
It has been shown over the years that the interest in my own compositions has increased, you can now buy them at tastenland.de in my own shop. However, what I missed more and more was an implementation of the music apart from the normal sheet music I use for the school.
So the step was not as far a side to open where we connect the musical side of the music with the optical.

The Serenade Project will not only publish our own music, but also the works of many friends and musicians who want to work off the commercial paths.
I have a huge archive of music that we will publish here in my Inner Light Music label alone. We also look forward to ideas and music that you want to contribute to this site.

So we’re all excited about how this page is going to develop and hopefully I’ll be able to say to you soon:
Good to know you`re here !

My daily Cafè del Mar

I moved now to my new Place in Remscheid and I’m very happy with it.
It’s so inspiring so here are some Vids taken with my iPhone. There is a Lot of Music coming…..

Heaven full of Tears

Heaven full of Tears is a very sad Song i wrote last Summer.
You see it here with a Look to the Sky in Autumn here in Remscheid.

Lonely Hour

Here is a real sad Wintersong for you.
I recorded it some Years ago and now was the real Time to publish it.
It is the real Winter….

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